“…Conductive Education has been the miracle we were looking for! My two year old daughter with cerebral palsy has been attending for over a year now. In May this year we decided to relocate from New Plymouth to Hamilton so she could attend four times per week. The progress she has made has been outstanding. Within a couple of months of relocating she began crawling on all fours, transitioning to and from sitting, and pulling up to standing. The early intervention unit has made us feel so welcome and even included her twin brother in group sessions. Lucy loves coming to play with her conductor who really taps into what motivates Lucy. I 100% recommend Conductive Education to any parent of a child with motor delays. Give it a try, there is nothing to lose and so much to gain.”

Vicky Thomas

“…Our daughter Renee is 4 years old and has Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome. We have been attending conductive for 3 weeks now and during these 3 weeks we have noticed a bigger change in Renee, than we have seen in 4 years and this is due to Conductive Educations methods and the basic information and ideas they have given us.

The reason why we have only just started conductive is because we have 2 other kids and felt it was too much to travel away weekly from them.

It would be hugely beneficial for conductive to be here in Taranaki for us personally and for others that use it now and for those who would like to use it.”

Lee-Ann and Bryce Hunger

“…My son has undiagnosed Developmental Delays, we enrolled him in Conductive Education and at 1 year old he did not have the ability to sit unaided and had no real communication ability. Now at 3 ½ years old through the efforts of CE he has started to crawl independently and can walk with aids. He is also able to express himself through verbal and physical commands. CE is crucial to his further development.”

Craig Nielsen 

“…Olivia has a chromosome disorder and is considered very high needs (non-verbal, non-mobile, seizures). We started therapy in Hamilton at age 1 ½. We travelled to Hamilton each week and still travel – now every 2-3 weeks. The education we have received has been life changing for us as a family. She is now 5 ½ and starting school shortly. We are so concerned that now we will not be eligible to attend Conductive Education Waikato anymore and our therapy will be gone. With a centre here we could still receive therapy and the guidance that is so important for her future”

Penelope Kay 

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