We are a dedicated group, predominantly of local parents of Special Needs Children that have formed a Registered Charitable Trust to deliver Conductive Education to the Taranaki community. 

who are we?

About Us

To provide a Conductive Education Centre for the Taranaki Community. 





That children in our community with neuro-motor disorders will have the opportunity to learn new skills, develop relationships, grow in self- confidence and explore their potential independence. 

WHY children?


It is identified that the earlier in a child’s journey that intervention is offered the more benefit to the learner in helping them develop everyday skills taken for granted by others. 


Conductive Education benefits individuals with neuro-motor disorders.
It offers an individually structured program to allow the learner to develop intellectual and physical skills to the best of their ability.
The service will be delivered by a trained Conductor, along with a Teacher Assistant / Administrator to manage the planning. 
There is a great emphasis on family and caregiver participation with the student. 


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